Monday, February 6, 2012

Central and Eastern Visayas Region

On February 1, 2012 Regional Director Edward B. Rojas turned over Postal Region 8 to Regional Director Robert S. Mondoñedo.  It was held at the Regional Office in Tacloban City.

It marks the day when the two remaining provinces of PR-7, Cebu and Bohol becomes one with the provinces of PR-8, Leyte, Samar and Biliran.  This group of provinces now becomes the Central and Eastern Visayas Area, headed by Area Director Robert S. Mondoñedo.

Immediately the day after the turn-over, on February 2, 2012 Area Director Mondoñedo conducted a Briefing Conference with PR-8 Officials.  Among those present were:

1.  Cirio Oscar C. Espos - Operations Director
2.  Oscar E. Bioco - Administrative and Finance Director
      Postal District Managers:
3.          Marilyn G. Omar
4.          Henry C. Venigas
5.          Cesar Noli C. Espos
6.          Renato A. Nacionales
7.          Manuel B. Balasbas
8.          Clemencia M. Jarabe
9.  Atty. Roger D. Cañas - Legal Officer
10.  Lorna T. Aquije - Market Specialist
11.  Magdalena R. Encina - Budget Officer
12.  Josisa R. Chato - Accountant III
13.  Engr. Inocentes M. Lace - Chief, GSS
14.  Catherine B. Asensi - Chief, Personnel

Also in attendance were PR-7 officials to gain a birds eye-view on how the two regions will be able  to work out as one.

1.  Cerlinda J. Paculob - Administrative and Finance Director
2.  Bentio P. Quiros - Acting Operations Director
3.  Rosalinda G. Lim - Acting Chief Accountant
4.  Rachel A. Betos - Market Specialist

Training Officer of PR-7 Venus A. Frias assisted in the coordination of the conference.  Topics range from the Designation and Deployment of all Postal District Managers as Area Operational Head, to the discussion of the improvement of the delivery of Letter Carriers through the use of the Postman Delivery Monitoring Chart up to the discussion of the accomplishments and the concrete plans for the current year.

Except for the earthquake and the many aftershocks, the conference went well, very well . . . !

A farewell from Regional Director Edward B. Rojas
Feb. 1, 2012 - The turn-over of "command" to Area Director Robert S. Mondoñedo.
Looking on is Ad./Fin Director Oscar E. Bioco of PR-8
Feb. 2, 2012 - Briefing Conference

A toast to Central and Eastern Visayas Area !

L to R:
Cirio Oscar C. Espos
Cerlinda J. Paculob
Renato A. Nacionales
Benito P. Quiros
Rachel A. Betos
Venus A. Frias
Henry C. Venigas
Clemencia M. Jarabe
Rosalinda G. Lim
Oscar E. Bioco

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